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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for introducing GearUP as the new go-to source for aftermarket auto parts and accessories. It's great to hear about your commitment to competitive prices, excellent customer service, and a superior shopping experience. If users have any questions or need information about your products and services, please feel free to ask, and I'll be happy to assist.


Q1: What types of automotive parts do you offer on your website?

A1: Now We have CV Axles(UTV/ATV cv axles included),Wheel Hub & Bearings, Shock Absorber,Oxygen Sensors, Water Pump & Fan Clutch, Fuel Pump, Brake Master Cylinder and Brake Caliper etc.

Q2: How can I choose the correct parts for my vehicle?

A2: First, you can find it by the search bar in our home page. Or you can check the compatibility tab on each product description. If you still uncertain if it is right parts. Message us with the vehicle VIN#, we will help to find the correct parts.


Q1: What information does Zip ask for?

A1: Zip requires your name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and either a debit or credit card for sign up. Instead of having a traditional username and password, Zip requires a mobile phone number and text message verification.


Q1: Do your products come with a quality guarantee?

A1: Sure, most of the products have 1 year warranty. More details in Return & Warranty Policies.


Q1: What is your warranty policy?

A1: Please click here to see our full warranty policy


Q1:When will you ship my order? And how long will it take to be delivered?

A1:Most of orders will be shipped out in 2 business days. You will get messages once shipped out. The delivery time varies, you can track it by the tracking# provided then. Generally, no more than 5 days.