The shocks and struts form an important part of the suspension system, ensuring balance and support are maintained from the ground level up. Thus, quite worn or damaged shocks and struts would give you an uncomfortable drive and rougher suspension.

Additionally, they can create sudden imperfection in the downforce capabilities of your ride that can cause traction issues as well. For best scenarios, it is suggested that you keep the struts and shocks completely serviced and maintained. This is to avoid any unfamiliar circumstances on the road that could be a potential reason for a major accident.

Therefore, here are some tips that we have prepared for you to keep your strut assemblies completely maintained.

Keep Planned Inspection For Your Shocks And Struts

A professional and credible mechanic must be called in for a thorough inspection, which should include checking the strut housing for any signs of wear or damage. This component is critical for maintaining the integrity of the strut assembly. These guys know to look at every nook and corner when it comes to doing a successful inspection of your shocks and struts.

For the best results and maintenance practices, it is recommended that you do these kinds of inspections every 12000 miles plus or once annually. In case of any harmful defect that can cause tremendous damage to your vehicle permanently. It is recommended that you follow a strict inspection routine.

Shocks and Struts

Properly Look After Your Tires to Extend Shock Absorbers Life

It is vital to keep your tires in perfect shape, especially in the best front wheel drive cars, when it comes to looking after your shocks and struts. Regular wheel alignment checks are crucial, as they ensure all four wheels are optimally positioned, reducing stress on the suspension system. This is crucial as your shock absorber forms integral parts of your vehicle’s suspension, directly connected to the tires. For this, it is strictly necessary that you keep your tires inflated properly.

Also, the tire pressure of each tire must be adequate and according to the recommendation of the car manufacturer recommends on the booklet of the car. Tires are the base of a sound suspension. Therefore, not keeping proper inflation in your tires can cause your tires to wear down much more quickly. This subsequently affects the other important parts of your suspension too. Parts include the shocks and struts too.

Maintaining Coil Spring for Optimal Suspension Performance

The coil spring is a major part of the operation in your vehicle’s suspension system. You need to do the regular checks and maintenance of the coil springs in your vehicle not to sag and allow your vehicle to do its job effectively together with your shocks and struts. This allows the shock and strut to predictably, way more than leaf springs, absorb a bump because of the way coil springs support your vehicle’s weight—yielding a way more even ride. In other words, with time, the coil springs may tend to weaken or break, resulting in uneven vehicle heights, poor alignment, and wearing out other suspension components at a rapid rate. Both, therefore, require regular checking, more so when you note that the quality of the ride has deteriorated or when knocking from the suspension during bumping is heard.

Monitor Your Commuting Routes to Protect Shock Absorbers

This means that to keep an eye out on what route you choose when commuting from A to B. Maintain close surveillance on your car’s navigational system when it comes to choosing any path when going to a specific destination. We recommend trying this out specifically during the winter days.

This is an area of concern for people living in the northern region too, particularly for those driving four-wheel vehicles, as they navigate through rough terrain or roads filled with potholes. Potholes are severely destroying objects in the way of your car. These potholes may be more damaging than not maintaining your shocks and struts. This is because the impact that is created when the speedy tires, driven by the CV axle, collide with these potholes is more damaging than the same wheels getting stuck in an open sewer hole.

Therefore, it can damage not only the shocks and struts of your car but also fragile parts like alloy rims. Often rims and wheel bearings are cracked or stressed upon collision at high speeds directly into potholes.

Avoid Traffic Jams to Reduce Wear on Shock Absorbers

The real reason behind this is that stop-and-go traffic, which is often found in traffic jams, can be a potential cause of extensive wear on car struts, especially impacting the wheel system of front wheel drive vehicles. The way this is done is when brakes are applied, it causes an excessive force on the shocks and struts which can cause them to wear down much quicker or at best become subject to abnormal performance.

But, if you must navigate such traffic, ensure your power brake booster is functioning properly to maintain gentle and gradual braking.

Furthermore, there are also many cars available nowadays that have an eco mode. The eco mode, which relies heavily on the efficient functioning of the throttle body, completely turns the car off and starts it again when you hit the gas. Therefore, it is worth looking into those types of cars or investing in one as well.

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Protect Shock Absorbers from Corrosive Elements

This necessarily means that you must avoid driving your car through water-exposed roads or wet roads, which can adversely affect components like the wheel hub, where elements like tarmac salt can corrode not only the undercarriage but particularly the wheels and wheel alignment components. Secondly, avoid driving through lakes and ponds even those heavy-duty SUVs as well.

Water, tarmac salt, or other chemically harmful elements that are involved in the construction of the road are also quite effective in causing harm to the suspension of your vehicle especially the more exposed elements such as struts. These elements mentioned above can cause your shocks and struts to be exposed to corrosion practices and make you visit your local mechanic more often than not.

We know that it can be quite difficult to avoid using similar routes as you might have to be exposed sooner or later to roads that have some sort of elements involved that can cause corrosion to the elements in your suspension. Additionally, it is also recommended to try out waxing products or washing the car shocks and relative places using the right and high-quality materials. Make sure to pay utmost attention to the underneath area of your vehicle.

Strut And Shock Absorber Replacement Guide

When it comes to strut replacement, it is always recommended to purchase new struts and shocks in pairs to ensure balanced performance. This is particularly important if one part of the strut assemblies, like the strut housing, shows signs of wear or damage. This is especially recommended when either the left or right strut is affected. You might not know that evidently, but whenever one of your shocks or struts is being affected, it can affect the other one simultaneously without you even knowing. Therefore, you should either replace both of them at the same time or not replace anyone at all. Therefore, if you apply these types of practices, it makes sure that your shocks and struts last longer.


Conclusively, we can say that shocks and trust are like the backbone of your car. Therefore, make sure to keep a keen eye on the condition of these body parts of your car the next time you go to the local mechanic for inspection.

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